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Practical WordPress Development Course in Bangladesh

If you want to pursue your career through WordPress development, Digita Institute is a convenient place to learn it. We have developed a detailed plan which allows you to learn WordPress theme building & WordPress customization.At present there's an ever changing demand  for the WordPress development course in Bangladesh. Achieving this skill turns you into an asset for a company. Other than this course we also provide online courses like Graphic design, Web Design, Web development & SEO etc. WordPress is a free web tool that you can use to build decent websites, forums, or applications. We can help you with fitting yourself in the job market through our well-designed WordPress development online course.
If you want an insightful learning experience then Digita Institute is the right place! 

A Comprehensive WordPress Course

One of the most interesting and technical courses of Digita Institute is WordPress Development. In this short course you'll learn the most insightful elements about it. You'll learn interesting topics like WordPress plugins, PHP, SEO friendly WordPress theme etc.

 Our online live classes enable learning from home & maintain effective communication among trainers & trainees. No prior experience is needed to enroll into this course. Hence mastering WordPress Development has become easier for everyone willing to learn it.

Duration of the course
3 months
Total number of classes
Classes to be held

Sunday & Monday

The time slot of each class
2 hours
  • Various multimedia tools like PowerPoint presentation, video and audio recordings etc.

  • Live lectures by experienced instructors.

  • Practical assignments to refine your skills

  • Frequent group discussions with your training mates

    What You Will Learn From the Course

√ To build a stable &                    interactive website.
√ To create beautifully designed websites.
√ To work with the dashboard  of wordpress
√ To use plugins & themes and install them
√ To use PHP, Bootstrap & Gutenberg for WordPress
√ To build stable pages useful for most websites
√ To create an affiliate site for passive, recurring income

√ To build eCommerce themes with Woocommerce
√ To identify the fundamental WordPress features
√ To customize your designs, pages & posts according to your needs

√ To make SEO-friendly WordPress themes
√ To create useful custom menus
To make blog-like homepage useful for bloggers

√ To build interactive navigation system
√ To use the post categories & tags correctly.
√ To comprehend what causes problems at the search engines if used incorrectly.
√ To keep Wordpress website safe from spammers & Hackers
√ To create a Responsive Website suitable for any browser
√ To create blogs and use CMS features

  • Anyone who wants to learn WordPress development

  • Tech enthusiasts

  • Bloggers

  • Students


Why Take Our WordPress Course?

Quality Learning Materials

High-quality course materials will be given to you with the assistance of brilliant Digita Institute teachers. We'll do our best to cover every aspect of the course you've chosen and include valuable resources that support your career.

Professional Assessment

Digita Institute has a group of professional trainers who are enthusiastic about their work. Our goal is to create skilled and resourceful people, and we are constantly pushing for the best service to make you successful.

Learning From Home

Training & development is not now limited to a particular location. By taking Digita Institute courses, you'll unlock learning from home. Our online training course will give you superior experience and self-confidence.

Reasonable Fee

Grooming yourself doesn't mean raising your expenses. You can rest assured that you can get the best online training in your budget with Digita Institute. We offer WordPress Development along with other excellent courses that are relatively low in cost and accessible for all.

Interactive Live Session

Our online classes are set to be interactive. That means that the students will participate directly in the discussion and Q&A sessions will also take place. It will be a two-way communication system and it will also allow students to share their problems.

Hands-On Projects

Each Training comes with a practical project. To complete the training, you'll need to complete your task successfully and then you'll receive your certificate. This will make you qualified to lead in professional life.

Internship Opportunity

Digita Institute will offer selective trainee internship opportunities which will improve your profile and give you a fascinating experience. This chance will motivate you to be more eager about working on your skill-building.

Job Placement Service for High Performers

Digita Institute provides superior performers with job opportunities as well. 50% of total students will get this chance. We have affiliations with a good number of organizations for job placement facilities. This makes us an excellent option to learn the WordPress development course in Bangladesh.

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