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Comprehensive Graphic Design Training Course in Bangladesh

A graphic design course increases your identity as a graphics designer in the market. Digita Institute helps you to learn professional graphics design by our comprehensive graphics design course in Bangladesh.Graphics design is the skill of telling your story just through an image. The demand for graphics design is rapidly increasing. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the main softwares needed here.The demand for graphics design is rapidly increasing. Companies are always in search of creative graphics designers for effective visual communication with its target audience.

“The more online dependent we become, the more graphic designers we need”

                                                                      - Digita Institute

A Comprehensive Graphic Design Course

If you want to develop yourself into a graphics designer who can create impactful stories through catchy designs in a professional manner, this course is for you! We will help you to learn about different tools and aspects of creative graphics design in Digita Institute.

This is a course of 3 months only with limited seats.You will be enjoying online sessions sitting at home from us. Anybody interested to learn with a secured internet connection can enroll in this course. You will be given a certificate after course completion.

Duration of the course
4 months
Total classes
Total hours


The time slot of each class
2 hours

     Live Presentation by the Trainer

     You will work on real projects

     Group discussion

    What You Will Learn From the Course

√ Adobe Photoshop
√ Illustrator
√ Adobe Flash
√ Banner/ Festoons
√ Business Card Design
√ Product Packaging
√ Flyer Design

√ Web Template Design
√ T-Shirt Design
√ Brochure Design
√ Logo Design
√ Brand Design
√ Facebook Designs

√ Project Works
√ Animated Banner
√ Creating Portfolio
√ Graphic Design Career
√ Freelancing
√ Typographic Design


     Fresh Graduates

     Those who want to have a design career

     Anybody interested in learning Graphic Design


Why Take Our Graphic Design Course ?

Experienced Instructors

Training from experienced instructors how to use the different tools and features available in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to expand your creative potential. This will help you to understand easily.

Attend Class From Home

Live online instructor-led classes will be conducted where you can do various questions and get answers instantly. You can do this course from your home. All your confusions will be cleared in the class.

Learn Through Teamwork

You will team up on a range of creative projects with other graphic design students and those from other creative courses to learn how to work in a team. This will help you to become a team person.

Exclusive Learning Material

You will be provided with the latest and useful course materials that will help you in self practice by using different tools and software of graphics design. Therefore no lacking remains in learning.

Practical Course

We will supply you sample designs for practice and assign with practical projects that will give you the confidence to work in a professional environment. You will get the vibe of real-life work.

Freelancing Skill Development

In this course we will help you to develop your freelancing skill as a graphics designer. You will know how to deal with the clients online as well. You will be able use different tools effectively.

Develop Impressive Portfolio

In order to get hired an attractive work portfolio development is needed for a graphics designer. We will mentor you to develop an impressive portfolio of your designs and it helps you to get work.

Advanced and Complete Course Content

Our course content is designed keeping in mind the latest graphics design. We start from the basics for your better understanding. This course is a complete journey for you in the path of graphics design.

A Comprehensive Package

We will provide you necessary tools like videos and audios along with a course completion certificate after your training ends. This will help you to build a strong portfolio for future job ventures.

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