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Quality Facebook Marketing Training Course in Bangladesh

Digita Institute offers a Facebook marketing training course in Bangladesh, where you get to learn hands-on skills. These days, Facebook is the most convenient platform to promote your content without any charges.Facebook has 1.56 billion active users who log into their profile regularly. With almost 20% of the total world population being involved, nothing is more effective for implementing marketing techniques than Facebook.It is the one place where you can create brand awareness, build a rapport, connect with your audience, promote your service, etc. all at the same time. Lots of people are using Facebook to achieve a thriving business.
Don’t know where to start? A Facebook marketing training course with us is all you need to initiate your journey to success.

A Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Course

Our course is designed with useful materials like optimizing the Facebook page, increasing likes and shares, interacting with your target audience, using Facebook Ads, etc. We will teach you to use the perfect tools and strategies to boost your marketing game.
This course is for three months and only for limited students. There will be two classes per week. You will be given a certificate after completion. All Classes will be held online. Anyone who wants to learn Facebook marketing can take up this online course.

Duration of the course
1 month
Total number of classes
Total hours

20 hours

The time slot of each class
2 hours
  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Live demonstrations

  • Real projects to practice

  • Communicative group discussion. 

    What You Will Learn From the Course

 Business Page Optimization
√ Facebook Advertising
√ Target Audience
√ Leverage Groups, Events,
√ Facebook Marketing Strategy
√ How to Get Content Ideas
√ Prepare a Sales Funnel
√ Storytelling on Facebook

 Create Compelling Content
√ Utilize Pixel for Retargeting
√ Campaign Preparation
√ Using Facebook Live Video
√ Understanding Facebook’s Ad Structure
√ Plan Advertising Strategy
√ Increasing Followers Strategy
√ Boost Posts

√ Efficient Facebook Ad Strategy
√ Creating and optimizing your Page
√ Build the right audience for your     business
√ Create compelling content
√ Advanced Facebook insights
√ Hidden features and functionality to boost your results
√ Facebook Business Manager




     Anyone interested in learning Facebook Marketing


Why Take Our Facebook Marketing Course?

Effective Training Material

The course materials are organized in a way to make your training more functional. Our trainers have designed the module with both practical and theoretical content to enrich your knowledge.

Professional Mentor

Our instructors are some of the most successful people working in their individual sectors. This is a lifetime chance for you to receive the quality training straight from these professionals.

Four-way Integrated Learning Method (FILM)

This training is based on our innovative Four-way Integrated Learning Method (FILM). You will attend the class live in an online session. You can learn from the mentors, co-learners, clients, and end-customers.

Be a Member of Digita Club

Digita Club is a community of our trainees who wants to have better access to our learning system. The membership is for one year and many advantages and several discounts would be available.

A Total Package

We will give you the necessary tools like audio and video recordings, software, etc. throughout the session. You will be awarded a certificate to confirm your successful completion of the training.

Remote Learning

The training sessions will be done online. You can attend them from anywhere with your mobile or tablet. The only important thing is you have uninterrupted internet access.

Real-World Project

Our trainer will give you some real-life projects. The goal of these assignments is to develop your skills. These will help you to prepare yourself for future ventures.

Internship Opportunity

We provide excellent internship opportunities for promising beginners. If you perform well in the course, you can be an intern in our company and watch our work tactics for the time ahead.

Learn Best Practices of Facebook Marketing

In this course, you will learn best practices of Facebook Marketing that will enhance your marketing efforts. Thereby, you will gain optimum results from your Facebook marketing campaigns.

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