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Online English Spoken Course in Bangladesh

Do you want to fluently speak in English but do not have the proper knowledge? Digita Institute is offering a quality English spoken course in Bangladesh just for you!After Bangla, English is the second important language that we have to use in our everyday life. It is widely accepted In the office, school, virtual platforms, etc.As an international language, it also serves as a bridge between people from different countries. Want to be a fluent English speaker? Take our English spoken course and learn it in the easiest way possible!

A Comprehensive English Spoken Course

Upon taking our course, you can handily communicate with other people in English. Our teaching techniques are aimed to make your experience an enjoyable one. We follow the universal reading, writing, and listening method but in a fun learning approach! 

This course is scheduled for six months and only for limited students. There will be two sessions per week. You will be awarded a certificate after the completion. All Classes will be taken online. Anyone who wants to speak fluent English can take up this online course.


Course description

Duration of the course
3 months
Total classes
Total hours


The time slot of each class
2 hours

Our course structure

  • Lesson sheets and vocabulary banks.

  • Quiz scripts, PowerPoint presentations.

  • Vide and audio recording.
  • Live lectures by skilled instructors.
  • Regular group conversion with your course mates.
  • practical lessons to refine you spoken skill.

    What You Will Learn From the Course

√ The basic sentence structure in English
√ The parts of speech in English
√ Public speaking in English
√ Difference between active and passive voice
√ Common sentence connectors and linking words
√ Speaking confidently in English
√ Interview practice session in English Idioms and phrases in English
√ Popular conversational phrases used  in English
√ The most used words to enrich your English vocabulary
√ Conjugate verb & right forms of verb in English
√ Gender rules in English

 Person and number in English
√ Dictation in English
√ Tactics to memorize new words
√ Communication in English practically
√ Pronouncing commonly mispronounced English words.
√ Introducing yourself correctly

Course description

  • Students

  • Executives

  • Homemakers

  • Anyone who wants to speak fluent English 


Why Take Our English Spoken Course

Qualified Instructors

We have some of the best English instructors to teach you. Their motto is to make your learning experience better by constructive training methods. They will be monitoring your growth by regular evaluation.

Exclusive Learning Material

The syllabus of this course is exclusively designed to make sure you enjoy the whole experience while learning. Lesson sheets, videos, audios, PPTs will be provided to you during each session.

Effective Online Sessions

We have arranged each class following a well-planned structure to give you the best learning experience. Starting with the basics, we will gradually move to the advanced syllabus after laying the groundwork.

Practice Sessions

This is a two-sided learning method where both instructors and the learners will communicate. You can interact or ask any questions to your mentors throughout the class and vice versa.

An All-inclusive Learning Package

We will prepare the essential tools like lesson sheets, vocabulary, videos, audio recordings, along with a course completion certificate after your course ends. This will enable you to create a strong portfolio for future projects.

Home Learning

These spoken English classes will be taken through a live online app. You can attend the sessions from your home or any other remote areas. You just need an electronic device with the internet to connect with us.


This course is very much budget-friendly considering the wide range of course materials and tools. Our quality will ensure you that all that money is totally worth it!

Real-Life Task

To improve your skill, your mentor will present you with some real-life situations for live performance. These are to help you grow your confidence and improve your spoken skill in front of an audience.

Access to Digita Club

Digita Club is our own community platform where we offer exclusive offers and special discounts for our members. You can take up our Digita Club membership to enjoy these significant features for one year.

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Upcoming Batch

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