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Employer Branding Online Training Course in Bangladesh

Do you want to create a perfect workplace for your employees? Then this is the perfect place for you. Digita Institute is providing an employer branding training course in Bangladesh specifically for recruiter management. In this competitive area, every organization wants to have the best talents in their wings. But even a job seeker looks for certain traits before joining any company. He will always go for a brand with a better image. Your employee must feel that rather than just an option, your company is the perfect place for him. And for that you have to practice flexibility, leadership, workplace ethics, etc. in your organization. 
Want to become a certified employer branding expert? Join our employer branding training course now and take a step towards leadership!

Live Online Employer Branding Course

Our employer branding training course includes important case studies and research papers regarding prominent organizations. Our professional instructors will teach you how to attract new talents for working in your company using your brand materials and tools.
This course is for three months and only for limited students. There will be two classes per week. You will be given a certificate after completion. All Classes will be held online. Anyone who wants to learn employer branding can take up this online course. 

Duration of the course
3 months
Total classes
Total hours


Time slot for each class
2 hours
  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Video recordings, research reports, etc

  • Case studies and real-life assignments to refine your skills

  • Online lectures by experienced instructors

  • Frequent group discussions among trainees

    What You Will Learn From the Course

√ Why Employer Branding
√ The Business Case for Employer Branding
√ The Candidate Journey
√ Strategy: Building the Carrier Site
√ Employee Generated Content
√ Strategy: Talent Communities

√ Other Employer Branding Strategies and Tactics
√ Measuring Result
√ The Fundamentals of Employer Branding (EBLFU)
√ Employer Brand Strategic Management (EBLSM)
√ Employer Brand Analytics & Reporting (EBLAR)
√ Contemporary Practices in Employer Brand Communications & Social Media (EBLEBSM)
√ Employee & Customer Experience (EBCE)

 Future Trends in Employer Branding (EBLTD)
√ Assessment
√ Employer Brand Strategy
√ Practical Workplace Assignment(EBLWA)
√ Employer Brand Leadership Principles & Practices (EBLPP)
√ Employer Branding Mapping & Competitor Analysis (EBLCA)
√ Employer Branding & Social Responsibility (EBLSR)

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Freelancers

  • HR professionals

  • Business graduates

  • Anyone keen on learning employer branding


Why Take Our Employer Branding Course?

Effective Course Module

The course materials are assorted exclusively to make your training program more functional. The syllabus is designed with both practical and theoretical topics to ensure your quality learning.

Professional Mentors

Our expert trainers are some of the most successful individuals from their field. They will make sure that you get the proper learning experience in our institution.

Communicative Learning Method

This training is a two-way learning process where you get to interact with your instructor face to face through online classes. Thus, the whole experience will be more productive for you.

Free Access to Digita Club

The one year Digita Club membership is available for all the students of our Institute. You will be given various opportunities and discounts as a member.

A Comprehensive Package

You will be given essential tools like videos, audio recordings, etc. along with a course completion certificate after your course ends. This will be fruitful for your future profession.


We will do the online training session through an app. You can be anywhere. An electronic device with an uninterrupted internet connection is all you need for attending our class.

Real-Life Assignments

Your instructors will give you some realistic projects to evaluate your progress. These tasks will be designed to make you understand your development and if you are lacking anywhere.

Intern With Our Partners

If you become the top performer of the course, we will take you as an intern in our company. You will get a close look at our dynamics and a chance to learn how we work as a team.

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02022001 1st October, 2020 7:00 PM Sunday, Monday 14000