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Join Digita Club and Grow Faster

Join our learner’s community and give your career goals a boost! Digita Club is a unique initiative of Digita Institute to provide growth opportunities to the course holders. Here you will have exclusive access to a range of facilities that will enhance your work productivity and competitiveness.

We offer an excellent environment to grow your skills by collaborating with other career enthusiasts in this field. Join Digita club and earn yourself a host of benefits!

Benefits For Digita Club Members

Special Workshops & Seminars For Your Growth

We regularly arrange seminars and workshops to keep our members well oriented with the knowledge of the ever-changing market. Here our members get the chance to be a part of hands-on demonstrations of the latest developments in the fields.

Career Consultancy Service

We help our members with job placements and help them make informed decisions regarding different career paths. Our club members get the opportunity to connect market leaders and be part of the direct recruitment process that our partners offer.

Earn Lucrative Discount

While our other course holders need to be paying the 1st year club fee in advance, we offer special discounts and automatic membership for our long course holders. Our long course holders enjoy a one-year waiver of club fees.

Join Digita Club in 3 Simple Steps

Complete the form below and register yourself to become a privileged member of the Digita Club. If you are a long course holder, put your course details here.

Pay the club fees through Mobile Financial Service and put the transaction details in the form.

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Finally, after confirmation of payment, you will get a membership card and become a member of Digita Club.

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