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Practical Content Marketing Course in Bangladesh

Digita Institute is an organization where you can take a content marketing course along with other in-demand courses. If you want to enable numerous job opportunities for you, this skill is essential to learn and Digita Institute can help you to acquire this valuable skill. Both small & big businesses use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

Content marketing (CM) is currently a great marketing method for businesses to gain more exposure and create more leads. This indicates how demanding this skill is. Companies search for content-marketers who can work strategically in various content to present their company on popular internet platforms. Step ahead now in the smart marketing game by preparing yourself with Digita Institute!

A Practical Content Marketing Training Program

Digita Institute provides a very well-planned online course to learn CM in Bangladesh. We'll teach you to put your marketing strategies into action digitally. Our online interactive classes will let you learn this course from your home. Our trainers are well-experienced & well-skilled in this field.

From planning CM strategies to creating different forms of content, you'll learn various aspects of successful CM. Also you'll get assigned with practical projects. Anyone having basic computer skills, internet connection and dedication to learn are encouraged to enroll in this comprehensive course.

Duration of the course
3 months
Total classes
Total hours


Time slot for each class
2 hours

Course Features at a Glance

  • Multimedia tools like PPT, video and audio recordings, etc.

  • Live lectures by experienced trainers.

  • Practical projects to refine your skills

  • Frequent group discussions with your training mates.

  • Tracking of progress

    What You Will Learn From the Course

  • True Understanding of Content Marketing (CM)
  • The Power of CM
  • Set CM Goals
  • CM Strategy
  • Know Thyself or Business Analysis
  • Audience & Potential Customer Analysis
  • Analyze the Competitors
  • Choosing CM Channels
  • Deciding the Content Types
  • Set the Sales Funnel & Buyers’ Journey
  • Content Idea Generation
  • Create & Leverage a Content Calendar
  • Write or Create Content
  • Edit or Correct the Content
  • Publish the Content on Right Platforms
  • Promote & Distribute the Content
  • Measure the Success of Your CM Efforts
  • Start the Next CM Plan
  • Keyword Research, On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Organic CM on Social Media
  • Master Essential CM Tools

Who Should Enroll 

  • Anyone who wants to learn CM

  • Small business owners

  • Anyone who wants to level up from content writer to content marketer

  • Students who want to shine as a smart marketer


Why Take Our CM Course?

Quality Course Material

Digita Institute has a pool of qualified trainers who share a positive enthusiasm for their jobs. Our mission is to build talented & resourceful individuals, and we are constantly pushing ourselves to provide the best service to make you competent.

Learning From Home

Training & development are not limited to a particular place now. By taking courses from Digita Institute you'll enable learning from home. Our online course training will give you superior experience & confidence in yourself.

Efficient Learning System

In course design, we can ensure quality and timeliness so that you can put your content marketing skills to practical use in a very short time. This online course will save you a lot of time compared to any typical course.

A Complete Package

Once your course ends, we will provide you with the essential resources such as videos, audio recordings, and a certificate of completion of the course. This will help you build up a solid portfolio for future job opportunities.

Live Interactive Session

The online classes will be interactive. That means you can actively participate in the discussion and Q&A sessions will also be held. It'll be a two-way communication system and it will enable you to share your problems as well.

Hands-On Projects

Each Training comes with a practical project. To complete the training, you'll need to complete your task successfully and then you'll receive your certificate. This will make you qualified to lead in professional life.

Internship Opportunity

Digita Institute will offer internship opportunities for selective trainees which will make your profile stronger and give you a remarkable experience. This opportunity will drive you to work more passionately.

Job Placement Service For High Performers

Digita Institute will not only provide internship opportunities for the best trainees, but they'll also offer jobs to them. We're affiliated with various organizations where you can lift your career with a little assistance from us.

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CM2001 21st August, 2020 9:00 PM Friday, Saturday 9000