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Effective Communication Training Course 

In today's diverse & complex workplace, effective communication is the key to conquer. Digita institute is offering you a specialized & effective communication training course for those who are preparing to improve their communication skills in the workplace. In this course, you'll learn to be confident in your ability to give compelling presentations in meetings. You'll learn about the concepts of writing powerful reports & proposals and also the development of communication strategies which are sensitive to personal and cultural differences.

Communication skills are important for all major organizational activities, from acknowledging the needs and expectations of the employees to achieving specific objectives. Especially in any leadership position it's a crucial skill to learn.Develop your communication skills by learning realistic methods with Digita Institute today!

The Right Way to Gain Communication Skills

Digita Institute's effective communication course is designed to guide you to have the confidence & the communication consistency you need to succeed in your career. In this course all areas will be explored from practicing communication in a professional context to holding productive meetings.

This course is for three months and only for limited students. There will be two classes per week. You will be given a certificate after the completion. The interactive online classes will make learning easier than ever. Anyone who's dedicated to learning new skills can take up this online course.

Duration of the Course
3 months
Total Classes
Total Hours


Time Slot of Each Class
2 hours

  • Different multimedia tools like PPT presentation, video and audio recordings etc.

  • Live lectures by experienced instructors. 

  • Practical tasks to groom your skills
  • Frequent group discussions with your classmates

    What You Will Learn From the Course

√ Communication Failure & Obstacles
√ Basic Social Skills
√ Writing E-Mails and Memos
√ Writing Cover Letters
√ Keys to Listening 
√ Situational Listening
√ Barriers to Group Problem-Solving
√ Invitational Rhetoric
√ Critical Thinking Process 
√ Presentation of Technical & Numerical √ Data
√ Teamwork Skills
√ Communication in the Age of Digital 

√ Building Confidence as a Communicator
√ Lead Your Surroundings 
√ Nonverbal Communication
√ Speech Organization & Delivery 
√ Storytelling: The Ultimate Power 
√ Communication Through Social Media

  • Anyone who's willing to learn effective communication

  • Professionals

  • People who joined the workplace recently
  • Anyone who wants to level up their communication skill
  • Fresh skills
  • Students

Why Take Our Communication Course

Quality Course Material

High-quality course materials will be given to you with the assistance of brilliant Digita Institute teachers. We'll do our best to cover every aspect of the course you've chosen and include valuable resources that support your career.

Professional Assessment

Digita Institute has a group of professional trainers who are enthusiastic about their work. Our goal is to create skilled & resourceful people. We're willing to support you to get the best training which will make you successful in your career.

Learning From Home

Training & development is not now limited to a particular location. By taking Digita Institute courses, you'll unlock learning from home. Our online training course will give you superior experience and self-confidence.

Enhance Your Confidence

Learning effective communication from us will enhance your confidence to manage difficult situations. It'll help you to differentiate yourself from others because you'll be introduced with effective tactics to prevent communication barriers.

Interactive Online Session

Our classes will be live & interactive. That means that the students will participate directly in the discussion and share their concerns & ideas. It will be a two-way communication system and it will also allow students to share their problems.

Experiential Learning

Each Training comes with a practical project. To complete the training, you'll need to complete your task successfully and then you'll receive your completion certificate. This will make you qualified to lead in professional life.

Internship Opportunity

Digita Institute offers limited internship opportunities that enhance your profile and give you an intriguing experience. This chance will motivate you to be more willing to work on building up your skills.

Job Offer For High Performers

Digita Institute does not only provide the best students with internship opportunities but will also provide them with jobs. As we're affiliated with different agencies,You will enable great job opportunities for you by joining our team.

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