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Learn Bangla Speaking in English with


Bengali Speaking Course Online for Foreigners 

If you are looking for Bengali Speaking Course in English, Digita Institute is the right place for you. We here at Digita Institute provide top-notch training facilities for foreigners looking forward to speaking in Bengali. 

It is the fourth most popular language in the world. Native Bengali speakers loved their language so much that they sacrificed their lives for it on 21st February in 1952. Since 2000, this day has been observed as the International Mother Language Day.  By learning Bengali you can comfortably interact with the locals of Bangladesh & West Bengal & experience their wonderful culture. It'll ease your daily life in these culture-rich parts of the world. When it comes to acing interviews, you can surprise the board members with your language skill. If you are excited about learning Bengali, Digita Institute awaits you with an exquisite training arrangement with highly qualified trainers.

A Unique Bangla Language Course in English

Digita Institute has designed this unique Bengali speaking course in English. As it's designed specially for the foreigners who are enthusiastic about learning Bengali. You'll interactively learn concepts like Bengali Alphabet, common phrases, making conversation etc. with the help of our experts.

This course is for three months, and only for limited participants. Two classes will be held every week. Upon completion you will be issued a certificate. All Classes will be held online. Anyone wishing to acquire this language skill, can take this course online and be fluent in Bengali.

Duration of the course
5 months
Total classes
Total hours


The time slot of each class
2 hours

  • Lectures with multimedia tools like MS PowerPoint, videos etc.

  • Live lectures by qualified instructors  

  • Assignments to apply your knowledge in practical life.   Frequent discussions in training forums with your classmates.

    What You Will Learn From the Course

√ The brief history of Bengali language
√ The Bengali alphabet and numbers
√ The basic grammar of Bengali language
√ How to easily remember the basics of Bengali Language
√ How to pronounce Bengali words

√ How to conjugate verbs in Bengali.
√ Conversational phrases in Bengali.
√ Gender rules in Bengali
√ The use of definite and indefinite article in Bengali
√ Popular idioms in Bengali
√ Basic sentence structure in Bengali
√ Translations from English to Bengali.
√ The techniques to get used to speaking in Bengali
√ The most used Bengali words and their English meaning
√ To use Bengali in practical conversation
  • Foreigners

  • Students on Exchange Programs 

  • Tourists
  • Language enthusiasts

Why Take Our Bengali Speaking Course

Exclusive Course Material

Digita Institute provides well-organized course materials to make your training procedure more conducive. Our trainers have planned the syllabus with both practical and theoretical content to ensure your quality learning.

Qualified Language Experts

We hire highly qualified and experienced linguists for these courses. They are selected particularly based on your requirements. We believe that our trainers will provide you the best learning experience in our institution.

Interactive Learning Method

We will organize interactive online classes for this course where you can interact with your course instructors as well as your classmates. This will make your experience of learning to speak Bengali a more pleasant experience.

Learning Online

Classes will be taken online with an online communication tool. You can easily attend the class from your home or any other places. The only thing you need is an electronic device with stable internet connection.

Practice Forum

Apart from interactive classes there will be discussion forums where you can post your questions and discuss certain topics with your classmates. This will help you to take care of any confusions regarding course materials.

Efficient Learning Process

We will maintain efficiency and punctuality in course management so that you can put your Bengali speaking skills to practical use in a very short period of time. This online course will save lots of your time compared to any traditional courses.

Self-Learning Available

We will provide downloadable course materials such as: lecture videos, presentations and other handouts. This will allow you to revisit the course material even after the lecture is over. Also, this will help you to keep on track with the course.

Real-Life Practice

As a part of the course, your trainer will give you an opportunity for real-life practice sessions. These tasks will help you to apply your acquired knowledge of Bengali language in the practical world.

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05012001 1st February, 2021 7:00 PM Friday, Saturday 19000