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Creative 2D Animation Course in Bangladesh

Are you interested to learn how to create 2D animation in the right way? You have just come to the right place. Digita Institute is providing a high standard creative 2D animation course in Bangladesh.In the last few years, the 2D industry has witnessed a rapid rise. People use platforms like Facebook for 2D animated advertisements a lot; technology enables limitless creativity and there's a rise in demand for the trained animators. So if you love doodling and marketing as well, there's no better time to pursue your ambition and establish a stable career as well. With our experiential training, you'll be able to use the right tools & create great animations with beautiful details.

An Interesting Learning Choice

In this brilliant course, along with the practical 2D animation tools, we'll teach you how to use your creativity to create unique arts. You'll learn how to make exquisite 2D animations with our advanced 2D animation course in Bangladesh and also gain first-hand experience in this field.

It'll take three months to complete our interactive online course. Limited students are allowed to enroll & two classes will be held per week. Upon completion, you will be issued a certificate. Anyone wishing to learn about 2D animation can register for this online course.

Duration of the course
4 months
Total classes
Total hours


The time slot of each class
2 hours

  • Lectures with multimedia tools like MS PowerPoint, videos etc.

  • Live lectures by qualified instructors  

  • Projects to apply your knowledge in practical life. Frequent discussions in training forums with your classmates.

    What You Will Learn From the Course

√ Basic Sketching
√ Working with Adobe Illustrator
√ Character Designing
√ Working with Flash / Animate
√ Graphics Creation
√ Motion animation
√ Working with Adobe Photoshop
√ Composition of Image
√ Digital Painting
√ Animate creatively
√ Use appropriate character expressions
√ Use the appropriate color selection

  • Students of any age

  • Tech enthusiasts

  • Animation enthusiasts

  • Creative thinkers

  • Artists who want to go digital

  • People who wants to explore freelancing world. Marketers


Why Take Our 2D Animation Course

Effective Animation Course

Digita Institute provides a well-structured course outline to make your training procedure more conducive. Our trainers have planned the learning framework with both practical and theoretical quality materials to ensure you get the right knowledge about 2D animation.

Learn From Animation Experts

Our IT team consists of highly qualified and experienced tech experts who've sufficient experience on 2D animation. We believe that our trainers will provide you the best learning experience in our institution as they're tech enthusiasts but also love to train people.

Promotes Creativity

Our interactive online course will be trained in a specialized way. This course uses innovative tactics to design animation to enhance your inner artistic thoughts in a project. It makes your experience of learning something new joyful because of its distinctive competencies.

A Complete Package

We've arranged necessary tools for the course, such as videos, audio recordings and a certificate for completion of the course. The course materials will enable you to review the materials whenever you wish & help form a robust portfolio for future opportunities.

Online Based Education

Classes will be taken online with an online communication platform. You can easily attend the class from your home or any other places. The only thing you need is an electronic device with a stable internet connection.

Group Discussion Session

Apart from interactive classes, there will be discussion forums where you can post your questions and discuss certain topics with your classmates. That’ll help you avoid any confusion regarding course materials & help you to get insights from others.

Relevant & Efficient Experience

We maintain efficiency & accuracy in course management to put your 2D animation skills to practical use in no time & attain a career with it. This online course will save your time compared to any traditional courses provided with trendy & relevant experience.

Access to Digita Club

Digita Club is our own institutional platform that allows trainees to be a member for a year in it. Be a Digita member, and enjoy different discounts and special offers. Our system will notify you whenever we share any important notice.

Enhance Confidence

Learning a new skill always adds a new feather to your CV & boosts your confidence. Our 2D animation course will rectify your skills & increase your self-esteem because we assign you practical projects to give you hands-on experience.

Internship & Job Opportunities

The top trainees of this course will be short-term interns in our company. Then eventually we will help them to get jobs as well as we've prominent affiliate agencies working with us. By getting this career assistance it'll be easy for you to achieve success.

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04032001 1st November, 2020 9:00 AM Monday, Tuesday 14000