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Smart Training Institute In Bangladesh - Digita Institute

Digita Institute is an outstanding training institute in Bangladesh. We offer in-demand courses that enhance the necessary skills for your career or business. Expert trainers, quality course content, extended focus on practical sessions, and interactive learning environment are few to mention why you should choose our training institute for your growth.

Explore all the skill-based options here for a successful career. Through our well-designed training programs, you will also get the necessary support to accommodate yourself in the job market. Digita Institute wants to make you capable of utilizing every opportunity that digitization offers. Be the person you want to be by developing your skills today.

Training Categories We Offer

Soft Skills

While a hard skill lets you do something, a soft skill enables your inner power to go beyond just doing this. Hard skills are skills like writing, coding, designing, etc. and soft skills are skills like leadership, adaptability, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, etc.



Developing skills in a language will not only empower you to communicate better, but it will also gift you success in many spheres of life. Digita Institute has designed comprehensive language courses. Learn a new language or enhance your existing language with us.


Design & Creative

Creative people are in-demand both online and offline. Creative skills like graphic design, logo design, and animation making lead to a better career. Check out our Graphic Design and Logo Design course. Learn creative Graphic Design with industry expert trainers.


IT Courses

Advanced IT skills keep you ahead of others in this world of competition. Information Technology skills in Website Development and Design, Software Development, Programming Languages, etc. will give you an extra advantage in the career, business, and freelancing.


Branding Training

Countless new businesses are popping up every day in every country in the world. How many of them will grow depends on many things. Branding effort is the main pillar in the journey of growth of any company or individual. Check out our branding training course.


Digital Marketing

With the increasing internet penetration, moving on digital platforms is both an opportunity and a need for any business owner small or large, national or international. So with digital marketing training you’ll be able to unlock many doors of opportunity for you


Content Marketing - Our Featured Course

Course Outline

  • True Understanding of Content Marketing (CM)
  • The Power of CM
  • Set CM Goals
  • CM Strategy
  • Know Thyself or Business Analysis
  • Audience & Potential Customer Analysis
  • Analyze the Competitors
  • Choosing CM Channels
  • Deciding the Content Types
  • Set the Sales Funnel & Buyers’ Journey
  • Content Idea Generation
  • Create & Leverage a Content Calendar
  • Write or Create Content
  • Edit or Correct the Content
  • Publish the Content on Right Platforms
  • Promote & Distribute the Content
  • Measure the Success of Your CM Efforts
  • Start the Next CM Plan
  • Keyword Research, On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Organic CM on Social Media
  • Master Essential CM Tools

Course Details

Duration of the course
3 months
Total classes
Total hours


Time slot for each class
2 hours

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